Join the AdaSenshi Army!

AdaSenshi ("warriors" in Japanese) are a rare collection of unique Japanese warrior NFT's that are minted on Cardano and ready to go to battle for ADA!

Introducing AdaSenshi Sumo! An 1500 NFT collection of colorful Japanese Sumo wrestlers!
Join AdaSenshi Discord server for more details on how you can become a VIP Senshi to mint at a discount!

405 minted from 999 so far!
Policy ID expires on the 28th of March. After that, minting will not be possible!

30 out of the 999 Katanas contain a secret Easter egg graphic somewhere on the NFT!
If you’re lucky enough to mint one, and you can find the hidden graphic, you will receive either 150, 100 or 50 ADA depending on the graphic. 

All holders of a Ninja & Katana will receive an AdaSenshi Sumo (the next collection) airdrop.

All AdaSenshi Ninja have been sold out.


Each ADASenshi NFT is unique. There will never be two that are exactly the same.


All ADASenshi collections will have different levels of rarity. The top level rarities within a collection are below 1% scarce!


Each collection will only ever have a certain amount of NFT's generated for that collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADASenshi is a series of NFT art collections based on Japanese warriors, minted on the Cardano blockchain.

To purchase an NFT from ADASenshi, you must ONLY use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi, or AdaLite! DO NOT use an exchange wallet to purchase an ADASenshi NFT. If you use an exchange wallet like Coinbase or Binance, you will NOT receive the NFT because those wallets are not supported.

Each ADASenshi NFT is minted on Cardano blockchain when a user like yourself sends ADA to purchase an ADASenshi NFT. The NFT is minted and then sent to the receiving address of the wallet you used to buy the NFT.

Each collection in the ADASenshi series will vary in the number of NFT’s it has. Our first collection had 999 unique NFT’s. Each NFT is programmatically generated and there are 100’s of millions of possibilities when each NFT is created.

We are only selling our NFTs on Do not send ADA to anyone on Twitter or any other platform unless you are purchasing the NFT after it has been sold from ADASenshi.

Each ADASenshi NFT is 50 ADA.

You can go to and type in your receiving Cardano address of the wallet you sent your ADA from to purchase your ADASenshi.

Each collection will have it’s own policy ID that will be displayed on the particular collection’s page.

As each collection will have a different number of NFT’s and rarities, please check out the particular collection’s page for more information.

When you purchase an ADASenshi NFT from a particular collection, the NFT you receive will be randomly selected from the available NFT’s in that collection.