AdaSenshi Katana

Introducing AdaSenshi Katana! An 999 NFT collection that perfectly compliments AdaSenshi Ninja as all holders of an AdaSenshi Ninja and an AdaSenshi Katana will receive an airdrop of AdaSenshi Sumo (1 Sumo per pair) in the near future. Minting is now open.

30 out of the 999 Katana NFT's contain a secret Easter egg (something hidden somewhere in the NFT). If you can find it on your Katana, you will receive a specific amount of ADA. A total of 3000 ADA will be given away via these 30 special Katanas (10 x 150 ADA, 10 x 100 ADA and 10 x 50 ADA). Here's how it works...

1. Check your Katana NFT and find the easter egg (a hidden graphic that you will need to search for somewhere on the image).
2. DM @Senshi on Discord or email with a screenshot of your Katana, circling where you found it, as well as the NFT ID, so that it can be verified.
3. The allocated ADA prize for that particular Easter egg NFT will then be sent to the holder of the Katana.

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Policy Id: ad3fe444f3e66eda53023c066267ef2727d10cb3a77da7ab50b170da
Expires: 28/3/2022