AdaSenshi Ninja

On the 16th of September 2021, 5001 noble AdaSenshi Ninjas went to war. After a difficult battle that went for 24 hours they slowly realised there was a crucial flaw in their Ninjitsu so they retreated. Many perished in combat. Only 999 returned to AdaSenshi to study their mistakes and retrain themselves for the next battle. Their numbers are now scarce but their morale is still strong. These Ninjas WILL be a force to be reckoned with!

Loading Status of AdaSenshi Ninja Army


Each rarity level is generated using 152 different elements with variances in backgrounds, Japanese patterns, effects, weapons and eyes which are not all shown below.

Diamond Ninja

Distribution: 1
Rarity: 0.02%

Gold Ninja

Distribution: 2
Rarity: 0.2%

Silver Ninja

Distribution: 4
Rarity: 0.4%

White Ninja

Distribution: 6
Rarity: 0.6%

Brown Ninja

Distribution: 10
Rarity: 1%

Red Ninja

Distribution: 14
Rarity: 1.4%

Purple Ninja

Distribution: 24
Rarity: 2%

Blue Ninja

Distribution: 80
Rarity: 8%

Green Ninja

Distribution: 100
Rarity: 10%

Orange Ninja

Distribution: 160
Rarity: 16%

Yellow Ninja

Distribution: 200
Rarity: 20%

Black Ninja

Distribution: 399
Rarity: 40%

Weapon Rarities

For hand held weapons, the following rarities apply for each hand individually.

Weapon Rarity
No Weapon Very Rare
Claw Very Rare
Katana Scarce
Spikes Scarce
Sai Common
Shuriken Common
Nunchaku Very Common

A Cardano logo effect behind the ninja is 7% chance.
Having no shadow on the ground is 23% chance.
There are no particular rarities in background colors and patterns.
Please visit for full rankings.

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