AdaSenshi Sumo

Introducing AdaSenshi Sumo! An 1500 NFT collection of colorful Japanese Sumo wrestlers!

AdaSenshi Sumo's have a total of 17 different traits which results in so many possible variations that there's no point mentioning's a lot!

Minting Open


Total Supply: 1500 NFT’s

VIP Senshi Presale
Price: 30 ADA
Drop: 27th February 2022 at 12PM UTC

Public Sale
Price: 50 ADA
Drop: 27th February 2022 at 2PM UTC

Join AdaSenshi Discord server for details on how to become a VIP Senshi to be able to take part in the presale and mint AdaSenshi Sumo at a discount!

60% Off Holders Special Offer

If you are one of the first supporters of AdaSenshi, you may have minted many Ninjas or Katanas. This offer is for you! 

For every 4 Ninjas or 4 Katanas held, you will be able to mint a Sumo at 20 ADA. That’s a 60% discount on the regular minting price!

To claim this discount, you must hold all AdaSenshi NFT’s in the same wallet address on the 25th of February 2022. A snapshot of the blockchain will be taken and when it comes to drop day, there will be a special mint page for this offer which will be announced on the Discord.

Ninja & Katana = Sumo Airdrop

On the 1st of February 2022, we will be doing a snapshot of holders wallets. For every pair of AdaSenshi Ninja and AdaSenshi Katana held on that day, holders will receive an airdrop of a random AdaSenshi Sumo (1 Sumo per pair).

Rock Scissors Paper Draw Game

Every Sumo is holding up a Rock, Scissors or Paper hand gesture. Some Sumos have one arm down on their leg (no gesture).

Holders of Sumos will be automatically participating in a RSP battle draw game where 2 random Sumos are drawn to fight each other. Each fight will have an allocated prize pool of ADA which will be split between the two Sumos holders (50% of prize pool for each hand of the 2 selected Sumos).

There will be a total of 2000 ADA being distributed via RSP draw games. After this, 50% of royalties will go to RSP games on an ongoing basis.

* If one of the drawn Sumos has one arm down on his leg, and the other hand wins the fight, that Sumo will win the total ADA prize pool. Basically, the opposing hand of the other Sumo will be ignored for that fight. 

Sumo Easter Eggs

41 out of the 1500 total supply of Sumo NFT’s contain a secret easter egg (something hidden somewhere in the NFT). If you can find it on your Sumo, you will receive a specific amount of ADA.

A total of 4000 ADA will be given away via these 41 special Sumo NFT’s (13 x 150 ADA, 13 x 100 ADA and 15 x 50 ADA).


How it works

1. Check your Sumo NFT and find the easter egg (a hidden graphic that you will need to search for somewhere on the image).

2. DM Senshi on Discord or email with a screenshot of your Sumo, circling where you found it, as well as the NFT ID, so that it can be verified.

3. The allocated ADA prize for that particular easter egg NFT will then be sent to the holder of the Sumo.

Rarity Chart

Policy Id: 24ac642b71cb0ea06107a5172c4930baedc789880996f8a049173a9e
Expires: 3/4/2022