AdaSenshi Sumo

Minting Open MINT Details Total Supply: 1500 NFT’s VIP Senshi PresalePrice: 30 ADADrop: 27th February 2022 at 12PM UTC Public SalePrice: 50 ADADrop: 27th February 2022 at 2PM UTC Join AdaSenshi Discord server for details on how to become a VIP Senshi to be able to take… Read More »AdaSenshi Sumo

AdaSenshi Ninja

BUY FROM CNFT.IO BUY FROM JPG.STORE Rarities Each rarity level is generated using 152 different elements with variances in backgrounds, Japanese patterns, effects, weapons and eyes which are not all shown below. Diamond Ninja Distribution: 1 Rarity: 0.02% Gold Ninja Distribution: 2 Rarity: 0.2% Silver… Read More »AdaSenshi Ninja