Here is a roadmap of what's to come with AdaSenshi. We are truly committed to building a strong community around Japanese warrior themed NFT's.

  • September 2021


    • Launch website
    • Launch first AdaSenshi collection of 999 (reduced from 5001) Ninja NFT's.
    • Community building (Twitter and Discord).
    • Add website functionality to display more information about collection status.
  • October 2021


    • AdaSenshi Katana weapon airdrop (61) for top 7 color rarity tiers holders of AdaSenshi Ninja.
    • AdaSenshi Katana drop (938).
    • Community building and giveaways.
  • February 2022


    • Sumo airdrop for anyone holding a Ninja and Katana. One random Sumo per pair.
    • Whitelist Drop & Public Drop of remaining supply of AdaSenshi Sumo (total supply of 1500).
  • More

    • TBA
  • Future Posibilities

    • AdaSenshi Arena - A place to trade in your AdaSenshi NFT's for new exclusive NFT's (only available through trade ins) and more!

Royalties: Ninja (0%), Katana (2.5%), Sumo (5%). Royalties will be used in various ways to strengthen the AdaSenshi Army (sweeping floors, giveaways and airdrops).

This roadmap is subject to change.